Public Programs
Montana InSite Theatre
Stories under the Land
Saturday, September 21, 2024
Hourly, 3-6pm
Ticket info available 1 July
Montana InSite Theatre

Bayleigh Birdhat and Lauren Chavez from Montana InSite Theatre braid sweetgrass (2023).


In Stories Under the Land, Montana InSite Theatre will present dramatic performances, poetry, and songs that showcase ancient agricultural stories. In the Tinworks Art courtyard and in the vicinity of Agnes Denes’ Wheatfield installation, actors will turn from statues into poets who bring to life stories from around the globe that tell of the seasons and the earth’s remarkable ability to feed us.

The audience will then move inside Chris Fraser’s Asterisms installation, where Montana InSite Theatre performers will present an adaptation of the ancient Greek myth about Demeter (the goddess of the harvest) and her daughter Persephone, who was abducted by Hades and fated to dwell half the year on earth, and the other half in the underworld. These timeless tales engage with the earth’s cycles of fertility, seasonal shifts, and what it means to expect the land to produce sustenance for us all.

Performances will be hourly from 3-6pm.

Tickets will be available for purchase here and on Montana InSite Theatre website beginning July 1, 2024.