Tinworks Art

PROJECT Description

A Photography Exhibition & Community Conversation
Friday, August 9, 2019: 3PM – 6PM
Saturday, August 10, 2019: 10AM – 6PM

Our neighborhood deserves us to be active participants in its evolving future. PhotoVoicesNE is an opportunity for northeast neighbors to show and tell and gather to share what we value, love, and want to preserve about our neighborhood. PhotoVoicesNE is a Northeast Neighborhood Association (NENA) community art project and an act of democracy. Neighbors will submit photos—along with a sentence or two of text to provide a ‘voice’ to the image—and then we will gather at the Tinworks Art event August 9th and 10th for a community conversation.

Visitors will be invited to share their thoughts by writing on the ‘gallery’ walls, causing the exhibit to change over time with the addition of new ‘voices.’ Toward the end of the exhibition the entire neighborhood will be invited to a gathering in the space, where we will engage with each other about the images, the neighborhood, and the concept of change. 

We want to ensure that the Northeast Neighborhood continues to be a place where people want to live, work, visit, and patronize. The end goal will be the creation of a document defining the character of our neighborhood. The document will be presented to the City to inform the creation of neighborhood character design standards and guidelines within the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD).

  • Who can participate? Any NENA resident or property owner, any age.

  • How do I participate? Take photos of what you value, love, and want to preserve about the Northeast Neighborhood: what do you want to see continue in our neighborhood into the future? Submit your photos at nenabozeman.org/photovoicesne

  • What do you mean by ‘voice’? Each photo must include a brief paragraph describing the photo’s meaning to you.

  • What is the consent form about? You need to agree that you have obtained written consent for photos of people/property (copy of consent form available on NENA website) and that you release ownership of the photo for this project.

  • Submission limit: 2 pictures maximum per person; not all photos may be displayed at the Tinworks Art event.

  • Submission deadline: July 7th.

  • Exhibit/Community Conversation: August 9th –10th.

For more information, visit nenabozeman.org/photovoicesne

—Northeast Neighborhood Association



The mission of the NENA is to promote and preserve the qualities of our uniquely diversified neighborhood that are important to the residents, businesses, and city of Bozeman. The Northeast section of Bozeman is unique within the City of Bozeman as to the uses of properties, the ages of the properties, the economic value of the properties, and the people who have chosen to live and/or operate a business within the area.

In April 2017 the American Institute of Architects sent a multi-disciplinary team to Bozeman’s Northeast Neighborhood (a Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team, otherwise referred to as R/UDAT) to help us create a vision that would encourage desirable change in the neighborhood while preserving its unique landscape and neighborhood character. More than 150 neighbors participated in a lively open forum—importantly held at one of the Tinworks Art venues.

One of the remarkable takeaways for the participants was how connected local residents felt to each other because of their shared love for the neighborhood. We also discovered how difficult it is to describe the neighborhood in words alone.

An outgrowth of the R/UDAT was the formation of VisionNE, a subcommittee of NENA (the Northeast Neighborhood Association) that endeavors to engage developers, investors, and other stakeholders like City of Bozeman Community Development staff and Commission early in the design phase of projects within the neighborhood. We welcome a conversation. We want to share the values, concerns, and aspirations of the neighborhood; we also want to understand their vision and how it can weave into the unique fabric of the neighborhood. Ultimately we seek to ensure that the Northeast Neighborhood continues to be a place that people want to visit, patronize, live, and work as change inevitably occurs.

VisionNE members have been active participants in the public process to update the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD)— a zoning district that prioritizes conservation of neighborhood character and preservation of historic properties, initially based on the City’s 1957 census boundary. One of the recommendations the City Commission voted in April to accept was to create “neighborhood character” design standards and guidelines. Part of the development of this project has been to partner with key City staff to learn how to best offer the results of this project to staff and the Commission as a useful and effective contribution to the writing of those design standards and guidelines.

Website: nenabozeman.org