In March 2019, the Bozeman City Commission approved plans for a mixed-use development at E Cottonwood Street and Ida Avenue. The first of its size and scale in the northeast neighborhood, the development will have a mix of for-sale and rental residential units, commercial space, and artisan workshops. In advance of breaking ground on the project, the developers have allowed use of the property and existing structures to host Tinworks Art.

Additional information on the Cottonwood and Ida development is available at: 



We welcome proposals to use one or more locations (interior, exterior or outdoor space) using as much or as little space as needed. Any space within the orange perimeter below may be incorporated into an art proposal. We have provided dimensions and images for Buildings 1 and 2 and additional information and images are available at



This building is scheduled for complete demolition and any modifications to the space that do not interfere with the structural integrity of the buildings or the safety of visitors are welcome.



This building is scheduled to be renovated, but may still be used so long as the perimeter walls and exterior remain intact.


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