Public Programs
Saturday Family Workshop
Nature Weaving
Saturday, September 7, 2024
Family and Community Space
Free. Registration required.
Saturday Family Workshop


Young artists will discover the art of loom-building using simple materials sourced from nature, participating in an ancient form of craftsmanship. Using an array of plant-based fibers such as grasses and vines, kids will explore the rich textures of the natural world and fill their loom with simple weaving techniques. Through sensorially rich, hands-on learning, kids will develop a deeper appreciation for sustainable practices and the beauty of handmade creations. They will connect with the natural human instinct to gather available materials and combine them to make something new. Join us for a day of creative exploration and eco-conscious crafting.

Free workshop, registration strongly encouraged to allow instructor for material preparation.

About the Artist

Kelly Kohlberg is an artist, educator, and pattern designer inspired by earthy and celestial celebration.